Family law issues are not to be taken lightly or disregarded. They are deeply personal and significant and can alter the course of your life. That's why, confronting a family law matter in Pennsylvania, such as a child custody dispute, child support issue, divorce, domestic violence allegations, or a protection from abuse (PFA) order, you need more than just an attorney—you need a solid legal team. The Family Law Team at the LLF Law Firm has a proven track record of success helping clients facing family-related legal challenges across the State of Pennsylvania.

Why do you need a winning legal team? Simply put, a well-assembled team is more than the sum of its parts. Each member of the LLF Law Firm Team brings a unique talent and skillset to the table to ensure you have all the resources you need to obtain the best possible outcome. When you're dealing with family matters, the stakes are especially high because the outcome can impact not only you but also those you love (e.g., your children). For that reason, you need to know you've got the best possible legal team on your side. For many years, our Family Law Team has been helping people just like you to protect their family's interests in the legal arena. To schedule a consultation, contact the LLF Law Firm today at

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Passion Fuels Success.

Many legal teams have abundant talent, so what makes the LLF Law Firm Family Law Team so special? One word: passion. Every member of our team possesses a drive and ambition to help our clients succeed. It's a passion that stems from a deep understanding of what personal and family prosperity means in life and how family crises can damage that sense of well-being. When the LLF Law Firm Team fights for their family law clients, they are advocating to enhance their lives beyond what they had previously envisioned. This passion for service energizes, educates, and invigorates each member of the team. Thus, when you engage the LLF Law Firm for your family law needs, you can be assured you are receiving top-notch family law services delivered with passionate excellence.

Organizing the Family Law Legal Staff

The LLF Law Firm has recruited and equipped top legal staff talent, skilled investigators, and a deep and broad network of expert consultants to win family law cases for our clients.

Skills can indeed be trained and honed, but character is an inherent trait that cannot be taught. The LLF Law Firm Team recruits highly qualified legal staff, focusing not only on their professional credentials but also on their character, performance, and dedication to clients. A sound, stable, and resilient character is particularly important for providing consistent, committed, and successful family law services.

Family law matters can be incredibly emotional for clients, and it's crucial that legal staff members are able to assist and advise clients without letting these emotions influence their performance and judgment. Successful family law services require a professional demeanor, sound judgment, and a clear vision of achievable goals. The LLF Law Firm Team is composed of individuals who embody these qualities.

When you engage the LLF Law Firm Team for your family law needs, you gain access to a skilled, experienced, committed, stable, courageous, and successful team that includes:

Family Law Attorneys

From partners to associates, the LLF Law Firm Team is led by top-tier family law attorneys who have gone the extra mile in both training and experience. Every day, our attorneys apply their exceptional knowledge and skills to assist clients with all aspects of family law, from simple divorces to complex property divisions, as well as urgent cases involving people's safety, such as child abuse cases and PFA Orders.

Law Clerks

When you engage the LLF Law Firm, you also benefit from the skilled research, writing, and other background services provided by an exceptional group of law clerks and interns. These individuals are "lawyers in waiting" who bring fresh insights, up-to-date knowledge, and modern skills to strengthen the family law team. These law clerks often come from top law schools, ready to support your successful family law service.

Paralegals and Legal Assistants

An elite family law team benefits from another essential ingredient in its legal staff mix - paralegals or legal assistants. These professionals, usually with four-year paralegal degrees, are dedicated to helping attorneys deliver the best possible services with the utmost value. They handle tasks such as client intake, file organization, database maintenance, and record ordering so that the attorneys can focus on high-value work. Paralegals ensure a smooth, efficient, and consistent operation of a robust family law team, providing everything at the lawyers' fingertips for exceptional service.

When you engage the LLF Law Firm Team, you gain access to an outstanding supporting cast of paralegals and legal assistants who are dedicated to delivering successful family law services. The LLF Law Firm Team has assembled a premier family law legal staff to provide you with unparalleled service.

Investigation Services

Investigators are not just for criminal cases; they have an important role in family law cases, too, including child custody, child support, domestic violence charges, and protection-from-abuse orders, even divorce.

Clients often believe they have a complete understanding of their family law situation. However, this is frequently not the case. They may have experienced their family crisis from one perspective, but every story has two sides. The opposing party often possesses information, observations, and evidence that the client may be unaware of. Furthermore, family law clients may have valid suspicions about the other party making false claims or attempting to conceal information.

Involving investigative services in these family law practice areas ensures that both the client and their family law attorney are fully informed about the case in advance. This comprehensive knowledge allows for the best possible outcomes. A client and attorney who are taken by surprise by unexpected evidence from the opposing side can potentially lose their case. Similarly, a client and attorney who are misled into overlooking hidden evidence that could have led to a victory can also suffer a loss.

This is why the LLF Law Firm Team has integrated top-tier investigation services into its winning strategy for family law cases. By doing so, the team ensures that all pertinent information is uncovered and utilized effectively to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

How Family Law Investigations Work

Family law cases often require comprehensive investigative work that can both parallel and differ from investigations in criminal cases. These similarities arise when the family law case involves accusations akin to criminal offenses, such as domestic violence, drug dealing and abuse, child neglect or abuse, or financial irregularities.

Investigators play a crucial role in identifying and locating witnesses who can either support or refute these allegations. They gather written or recorded statements from these individuals, providing a solid basis for family law attorneys to rely on, ensuring consistency in testimonies. Moreover, investigators conduct lawful surveillance activities to understand the behaviors and interactions of the involved parties. Such surveillance can reveal non-criminal conduct, like extramarital affairs or undisclosed income sources, which can be pertinent to issues like child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, and other aspects of the case.

Investigators also engage in fieldwork, visiting police departments, other government offices, and businesses to gather information, records, and accounts that might be relevant to the case. They delve into electronically stored information as well, uncovering details about financial transactions, property records, firearm registrations, and social media posts.

This comprehensive approach to investigative work can significantly contribute to achieving a successful outcome in your case.

Expert Consultants for Family Law Cases

In many family law cases, clients need one more ingredient to win the difficult case: outside expert consultants who can examine, review, report, opine, and testify in ways that support the client's claim or defense.

Lawyers, while essential in presenting and arguing a case, do not act as witnesses. Instead, they rely on the testimony of witnesses to build a strong case. These witnesses include not only fact witnesses who have observed relevant events firsthand but also expert witnesses. These experts provide insightful opinions based on their qualified expertise, which can significantly impact the outcome of a case.

Relying solely on fact witnesses, such as family members, friends, employers, and others known to the client, provides only the foundation for a strong case. Often, it takes the expert testimony of an outside consultant to solidify and enhance the case. These experts review the factual evidence and provide valuable insights to judges and juries, helping them understand the intricacies of the case.

Outside expert witnesses can exert a powerful influence over the outcome of the case, often tipping the scales in favor of the party they support. When you engage the LLF Law Firm Team for your family law matter, you gain access to a broader network of experienced consultants who can provide critical insights and testimonies, contributing to a potential win in your case. Different experts may be called on to help based on the specific needs of the case. Some examples are below.

Child Custody Cases: Disputes over child custody often revolve around allegations from one or both parties about the other's fitness as a custodian. These can include accusations of child abuse or neglect, substance addiction, emotional instability, physical disabilities impeding personal care and household tasks, suicidal tendencies, the presence of weapons in the home, reckless behavior, or inappropriate overnight guests, among others. Addressing these concerns effectively, the LLF Law Firm Family Law Team may engage the services of psychiatrists, psychologists, family counselors, mental health or physical therapists, vocational and occupational rehab specialists, specialized physicians, social workers, addiction specialists, child development and education specialists, and child safety experts.

Child Support Cases: Child support, while generally determined by a formula based on the number of children and each parent's income, is not always straightforward. Disputes often arise when one or both parties allege that the other is concealing or intentionally forgoing income to avoid full child support payments. Courts can award child support based on potential income deliberately forgone, falsely claimed disability, or unreported income. To tackle such issues, the LLF Law Firm Family Law Team may bring in accountants, financial experts, business appraisers, labor economists, and occupational rehab experts.

Protection From Abuse Order Cases: In Pennsylvania, requests for Protection from Abuse (PFA) orders are common in family law cases involving allegations of threats or abuse. PFA orders can significantly impact a party's access to their home, workplace, and children's school and can strain relationships with children, family, and friends. They can also affect professional licenses, income, jobs, security clearances, firearms collections, and other critical resources. A client facing a PFA request based on false, unfair, or exaggerated allegations requires an aggressive defense and expert consultant assistance. Our Family Law Team may engage psychiatric experts, psychological experts, social work experts, IT experts in cyberbullying and cyberstalking, fingerprint, DNA, and hair analysis experts, weapons and ballistics experts, substance abuse and addiction experts, and sex offender experts for cases with allegations of stalking or sexual assault.

Divorce Cases: In cases of separation and divorce, the LLF Law Firm Family Law Team has a wealth of resources available to assist clients. We may collaborate with psychiatric and psychological experts to address any mental health issues that may be relevant to the case. For the fair division of property, they engage real property and business appraisers to ensure an equitable distribution of assets. Vocational experts are also on hand to provide insights into earning capacities, which can significantly impact decisions about spousal support. Furthermore, the LLF Law Firm team works with finance, IT, and forensic accounting experts to uncover any hidden financial transactions or holdings.

The LLF Law Firm: Your Ally in Pennsylvania for Family Law Cases

When legal issues enter the family realm, it can feel traumatic at best and catastrophic at worst. In many cases, the issues go beyond just finances and quality of life into safety concerns for you or your children. You can't afford to go into these situations without a strong legal team on your side. The LLF Law Firm has developed a top-tier Family Law Team to ensure you have the very best advocacy possible to get the case resolved favorably. To schedule a consultation, call (888) 535-3686 or use our online contact form.

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